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Northern University Bangladesh

Md. Ebrahim Shaikh

Designation : Senior Lecturer
Department : Textile Engineering
Academic Qualification :
  1. 1.   Degree: B.Sc. in Textile Engineering

      Major: Fabric Engineering

      University: Bangladesh University Of Textiles

  1. 2.   Degree: H.S.C

College: Govt. Majid Memorial City College, Khulna

Board: Jashore

  1. 3.   Degree: S.S.C

School: Khulna Zilla School, Khulna

Board: Jashore


Teaching Area :

Fabric issues: Weaving, Knitting, Fabric preparatory process, Fabric Structure and Design, Textile Testing and Quality Control-II, Technical Textile, Special Fabric Production, Textile Physics-II

Other issues: Textile Raw Materials- I & II, Textile Testing and Quality Control-I, Textile Physics-I

Research :

1.      Weaving related fields

2.      Knitting related fields

3.      Technical Textile related fields

4.      Preparatory (Winding, Warping & Sizing) related fields

5.      Weaving and Knitting machines related fields

6.      Nonwoven related fields

7.      Jute related fields

8.      Apparel/ Garments related fields

Publications :

1.      Drawbacks, Necessary Development and Future Prospect of Silk in Bangladesh, Volume 18 Issue 2 Version 1.0 Year 2018, Online ISSN: 2249-4596 & Print ISSN: 0975-5861

Md. Sanaullah Murad α , Md. Ebrahim Shaikh σ , Nazmul Islam ρ & S.M. Tufazzal Haider Ѡ

2.      A Survey on the Factors Affecting Employee Turnover in the Readymade Garments of Bangladesh is included, Global Journals Inc. (U.S.) is glad to inform you that GJRE-J Volume 18 Issue 1 Version 1.0,Online ISSN: 2249-4596 & Print ISSN: 0975-5861

Sraboni Ahmedα, Md. Hasanuzzaman σ, Md. Shafiqul Islam Chowdhury ρ, Md. EbrahimShaikh Ѡ, Md. ShayekhMunir 

Academic Awards, Fellowships and Research Grants :

Academic awards:

1.      Board Scholarship on H.S.C result, 2010

2.      Board Scholarship on S.S.C result, 2008

Fellowship of Global Journals Inc. (US) (on process)

Training :

Professional Training:

1.      Industrial Training (for three months)- at Noman Textile Mills Limited, Bangladesh

2.      Training on Intern Mechant (for 3 months)- at C&A International Sourcing Bangladesh HUB

Academic Training:

1.      Workshop on “Teaching or Cheating” at Northern University Bangladesh arranged by IQAC

2.      “Teaching is a legendary Profession” at Northern University Bangladesh

3.      Workshop on  “Research Methodology and Dissertation Writing” at Northern University Bangladesh


4.      Seminar on “View Exchange program on Entrepreneurship” atNorthern University Bangladesh

5.      Seminar on “Application of Archroma Textile Dyes and Auxiliaries for Knitted and Woven Fabric”at Northern University Bangladesh.

Membership :

1.      General Member of Institute of Textile Engineers and Technologists

2.      General Member of Bangabandhu Textile Engineers Association

3.      Permanent member of Quantum Foundation Bangladesh

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