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Student Affairs Division (STAD)

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The extra-curricular activities aspire to discover our students’ talents, to guide them in a reasonable direction and provide them with the opportunity to develop their skills as well as help them grow into well-rounded individuals with creative and open minds through STAD 16 Clubs.

The activities are conducted in different areas: CREATIVITY, INNOVATION, SELF/DEVELOPMENT, SOCIAL SERVICE and SPORTS.

The NUB students are expected to be creative, productive, self-confident individuals who always take aim at the best, willing to share their knowledge and skills with others and who are open to constant change and self-development and aware of their responsibilities towards their family, friends, country and the World.

Core Values

Sharing a fundamental belief in the value of Student Affairs Division and its ability to transform lives, we will pursue our vision by:

• Focusing on the lifelong learning and personal growth of all members of the university community.
• Enhancing our services by creating opportunities to collaborate with students.
• Conducting ourselves and our programs with the highest integrity.
• Challenging ourselves to move beyond the status and pursue higher levels of excellence with determination and enthusiasm.
• Contributing to a community that is inclusive, accessible and diverse.
• We value our service to students. We provide services that support the university community in its quest to promote an environment to enhance student’s success.


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