Academic Calendar

Examination System

An academic year is divided into three semesters except Dept. of Pharmacy which is two semesters.
Each of three semesters is of 16 weeks duration, which is distributed as follows:
14 weeks for instruction, 2-weeks for examination and break.
The schedules for three semesters are as follows.

Semester Activity Duration

Spring (Semester I)
Classes 1 January-15 April
Examination and break. 16 April-30 April

Summer (Semester II
Classes 1 May-15 August
Examination and break 16 August -31 August

Fall (Semester III)
Classes 1 September-15 December
Examination and break 16 December-31 December


The schedule for two semesters are as follows


Semester Activity Duration

(Semester I)
Classes    October-March
(Semester II Classes   April-September


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