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Northern University Bangladesh

Md. Saheb Ali Mondal

Designation : Assistant Professor
Department : Business Administration
Publications :

1. Saheb Ali Mondal;  Marketing Audits: A study of marketing accountability, company performance and growth with reference to pharmaceutical industry in Bangladesh. " The cost and management" journal of the institute of cost and management accountants of Bangladesh.

2. Saheb Ali Mondal; The effect of using marketing audit to enhance the growth and development in the context of real estate industry in Bangladesh. " Asian accounting and auditing advancement". A4 Journal

3. Saheb Ali Mondal ; Determinants of stock price: An empirical analysis on selected firms listed with dhaka stock exhance. " The Business journal of chittagong University.

4. Saheb Ali Mondal ; The effect of Marketing audit to enhance company performance and marketing accountability. presented in the international conference - Asia pacific Business research, kuala lumpur.

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