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Northern University Bangladesh

Md. Abdul Matin

Designation : Assistant Professor (Study Leave)
Department : Bachelor of Pharmacy
Academic Qualification :
  • Ph. D. in Science (an integrated degree of MS-PhD), Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea.
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy, Primeasia University, Bangladesh


Teaching Area :

Molecular Biology, Medicinal Chemistry, Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, Biopharmaceutics and Chemistry courses.


Research :
  • Phytochemical studies of medicinal plants.
  • Epidemiology and wastewater-opportunities and challenges.
  • Bio-electrochemistry and Sonochemistry.
  • Sustainable energy systems and photo-/electro-catalysis of CO2.


Publications :

1. A. Ashok, A. Kumar, M. A. Matin, T. Faris, “Synthesis of highly efficient bifunctional Ag/Co3O4 catalyst for oxygen reduction and oxygen evolution reaction in alkaline medium”, ACS Omega, 2018, 3, 7745-7756.

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4. M. A. Matin, E. Lee, H. Kim, W.-S. Yoon, Y.-U. Kwon, “Rational syntheses of core-shell [email protected](PtRu) nanoparticle electrocatalysts for methanol oxidation reaction with complete suppression of CO-poisoning and highly enhanced activity”, Journal of Materials Chemistry A,2015, 3, 17154-17164.

5. M. A. Mottaleb, M. J. Meziani, M. A. Matin, M. A. Arafat, M. A. Wahab, “Emerging micro-pollutants pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) contamination concerns in aquatic organisms-LC/MS and GC/MS analysis”, Book Chapter 3 in American Chemical Society (ACS) Symposium series, 2015, 1198, 43-74.

6. E. Lee, S. Kim, J.-H. Jang, H.-U. Park, M. A. Matin, Y.-T. Kim, Y.-U. Kwon, “Effects of particle proximity and composition of Pt-M (M = Mn, Fe, Co) nanoparticles on electrocatalysis in methanol oxidation reaction”, Journal of Power Sources, 2015, 297, 75-81.

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14. M. T. Hossain, M. Asadujjaman, N. M. M. Imran, M. A Matin, R. Z. Chowdhury, M. H. Rashid, "A study on the pharmacological effects and mechanism of action of alkaloids, glycosides and saponins", The Pharmaceutical and Chemical Journal, 2019, 6, 112-122
15. M. A. Matin, S. Saad, A. Kumar, M. J. Al-Marri, S. A. Mansour, "Effect of fuel content on the electrocatalytic methanol oxidation performance of Pt/ZnO nanoparticles synthesized by solution combustion", Applied Surface Science, 2019, 492, 73-81.



Academic Awards, Fellowships and Research Grants :
  • Best Postdoc. Researcher Award, 2018, Department of Chemical Engineering, Qatar University, Qatar.
  • KB 21 plus, NRF, and NCRC Scholarship/Fellowship (2010-2015), Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea.
  • Global Scholarship, 2010, Korean Exchange Bank, South Korea.
  • Gold Medal Award, 2010, Primeasia University, Bangladesh.
  • Incentive Awards (2nd-8th semester), Primeasia University, Bangladesh.
  • Research grants/projects: (i) Qatar University, Qatar -University of Notre Dame, USA and (ii) Qatar University, Qatar – Total Research and Technology, Feluy, Belgium.


Training :

Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Membership :

Korean Chemical Society.


E-mail : [email protected]
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