A webinar on: The Journey from Virtualization to Cloud Computing.

A webinar on "The Journey from Virtualization to Cloud Computing" was held by Computer Science & Engineering Department of Northern University Bangladesh on Saturday, July 04, 2020. Md. Asaduzzaman, Head of Operations and Infrastructure Architect, Entertech (A Renowned Software Development Company in Bangladesh) was present as the chief guest in this webinar. Being a Linux and Open Source Specialist, he is vastly experienced in several Information Technology services. He is a former system administrator in Kaz Software Limited. This webinar was moderated by Sanjida Akter, Senior Lecturer, Computer Science & Engineering Department of Northern University Bangladesh.


At the beginning of the session the honorable guest speaker introduced the basic concept of virtualization. He also explained the two types of virtualization and the layers involved in virtualization. He explained why virtualization or cloud computing is being adopted by different IT companies who are running multiple software. He also talked about the docker tool, which is a container-based technology. Mr. Asaduzzaman then discussed the concept of three types of cloud computing (Public, Private, and Hybrid) as well as the differences among them. Mr. Asaduzzaman then discussed the various cloud service models such as IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS(Platform as a Service) and SaaS(Software as a Service). He provided examples of such services used by various companies and how they are being benefited by cloud service. 


When asked about the knowledge and skill required to work in this field, the honorable guest speaker talked about the importance of having experience in working with various operating systems. He emphasized that the students should have basic knowledge regarding computer networks as it is one of the vital courses that will help students in cloud computing. He encouraged the students to learn Linux specially those who are planning to work as a system administrator.


There were some questions about information security from the students, which Mr. Asadujjaman answered by stating the pros and cons of data mining and how tech giants like Google and Facebook are using data.


The moderator asked Mr. Asaduzzaman to say something about his journey after graduating from NUB to his first job. Mr. Asaduzzaman shared his experience and talked about his work in his current workplace. He asked NUB students to contact him if they need any help or suggestions. He advised the fresh graduates to showcase their projects in their CV, which would help them being recruited. He encouraged students to pursue skills and knowledge about the recent advances in computer sciences. 


The session ended by expressing gratitude to the honorable guest speaker for his precious time by the host on behalf of NUB.


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