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Northern University Bangladesh

Ms. Afroza Bilkis

Designation : Assistant Professor & Head
Department : Law
Publications :

1. Afroza Bilkis; Article on Theoretical Criminology in Islam has been published in the Dhaka University Journal of Islamic Studies.

2. Afroza Bilkis; Article on A Review of Discrimination in Employment and Workplace has been  published in the ASA University Review.

3. Afroza Bilkis; Article on Carbon Emission and Climate Justice : Practical Problems to Apply The Regulatory Mechanisms in An Equitable Way and The Feasibility of Adaptation, Mitigation and Geoengineering has been published in Northern University Journal of Law.

4. Afroza Bilkis; Article on Market Power Abuse in EU and UK: A Review of Consumer Detriment Issues and Impact has been published in Northern University Journal of Law.

5. Afroza Bilkis; Article on Revisiting Neoliberalism: Income Inequality and Social Justice In Bangladesh is under review for BPDM Journal of Research. 

6. Afroza Bilkis; Working on an article on Reevaluating The Efficacy of The Conflict of Laws Principles in Determining Proper Law and Jurisdiction.

7. Afroza Bilkis; Working on an article on Protection of Traditional Agriculture Knowledge and Food Security in Developing Countries: A Critical Analysis.  

8. Afroza Bilkis; Working on an article on A Comparative Review of Court Based ADR in Civil Disputes with Special Reference to Bangladesh. 

9. Afroza Bilkis; Working on an article on Commercializing Advertisements and Consumer Rights Protection: A Review of Law and Policy. 

10. Afroza Bilkis; Working on a book on International Trade Law. 

Academic Awards, Fellowships and Research Grants :

1. Partial University Scholarship in LLM International Commercial Law, University of South Wales, UK

2. General Scholarship for outstanding result in LLM, University of Dhaka

3. General Scholarship for outstanding result in LLB (Hons), University of Dhaka

4.  National General Scholarship for Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Training :

1. Seminar on the role of Musalihat Anjuman in Resolving Disputes at the Grass-root Level held in Southeast University, 11 May, 2006

2. Teaching Seminar on Child Rights held in the University of Dhaka in collaboration with UNICEF, 3-4 November, 2009

3. Seminar on The Delineation of Extended Continental Shelf: An Example in The Arctic Ocean held in ASA University Bangladesh, 15 March, 2010

4. Seminars on Human Trafficking held each semester at Northern University Bangladesh in collaboration with WINROCK and USAid. 

5. Distribution of winter clothing among the poor, Nilphamari, Bangladesh, 2007

6. 2 Days’ Victory Month Celebration, December 2007, Southeast University, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Membership :

1. Member, Lions Club International.

2. Member, Asian Society of International Law (Asian SIL).

3. Member, Dhaka Bar Association. 

4. Life Member, Mohanganj Public Library. 

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