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Northern University Bangladesh

Md. Abdullah Al Helal

Designation : Assistant Professor in Social Work
Department : General Education
Publications :

1.Helal, M.A., and Kabir, K.S., “Culture Shock and Adaptation Process of Rural Students at Universities in Dhaka: A Phenomenological Study” Asian Journal of Cultural Policy published from National University of Korea, Vol. 2, No.2 Autumn 2015, ISSN 2288-8152

2.Helal, M.A.,“Economic Deprivation of Child Worker: A Study on Child Paper Hawkers in Dhaka City” Asian Profile, published from Canada, Vol.43, No.3, June 2015, ISSN 0304-8675.

3.Helal, M.A.,“Survival Challenges and Coping Strategies of Women living in Slum: Evidence from Dhaka city” Journal of Gender and Social Issues, published from Fatema Jinnah Women University, Pakistan, vol. 11, no. 2, Autumn 2012, ISSN 1813-9892

4.Helal, M.A., Impacts of Satellite TV on the Attitude of Bangladeshi Youngsters toward Local Culture: Context and Consequences" IUB Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities,  published from the Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan, Volume 10, No.1 2012, ISSN 1999-8880

5.Helal, M.A., “Extra Marital Affair and Family Discord: Way Out in Islam" International Journal of Islamic Thoughts (IJITs), published by the Department of Theology and Philosophy, National University of Malaysia, Volume. 2, No. 2, 2014, ISSN 2232-1314

6.Helal, M.A., “Expensive Private Higher Education in Bangladesh: Who Can Afford?” Asian Journal of Business and Economics, published from India Volume 02, No. 2.4 (Quarter IV), 2012, ISSN 2231-3699

7.Helal, M.A., and Kabir, K.S., “Exploring Cruel Business of Begging: The Case of Bangladesh” Asian Journal of Business and Economics, published from India, Volume 03, No. 3.1 (Quarter I), 2013, ISSN 2231-3699

8.Helal, M.A.,  “Toward the Impacts of Indian Drama Serials on Bangladeshi Social System: An Overview of People’s Perception”, ASA University Review, published from ASA University Bangladesh, Volume VIII, No.1, ISSN 1997-6925

9.Helal, M.A. et al, “Women’s Economic empowerment through Micro-credit program: A Case of TMSS in Rural Bangladesh”, Journal of Business and Technology, published from Northern University Bangladesh, Volume VIII, No 1 & 2. 20013,  ISSN 1992-271X

10.Helal, M.A. et al, “Measuring Socio-economic Condition of Street Beggars in Dhaka City: An Empirical Study” Lok Proshason Samoeeky, published from Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre, No. 56, 2012, ISSN 1605-2021.

11.Helal, M.A. et al, “Impact of Urbanization in a Town of Bangladesh: A Study on changed of Social-Cultural and Political Dynamics” Society and Change, published from Public  Administration Department of Dhaka University, Volume VII, No 1, January- March 2013, ISNN 1997-1052

Training :

1.“Combating Cruel Trade of Begging in Bangladesh,” A paper presented as key note speaker in the Seminar Organized by Centre for General Education, Northern University Bangladesh, at NUB Main Campus on 4th December 2016

2.“Cultural Aggression by Satellite TV Channels and Way Forward’ A paper presented in the international conference on Envisioning our Common Future 2016 Jointly organized by South Asian Study Forum and SAYRID at Conference Hall, Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka on 22-23 December 2016

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