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Northern University Bangladesh

Ms. Farhana Afroz

Designation : Senior Lecturer
Department : Business Administration
Publications :


1. Afroz, F. & Shareef, M. A. (2012),“M-government of Bangladesh: Applications and Economic Benefits”;In edited book   Transformational Government through eGov: Socio-economic, Cultural, and Technological Issued by Shareef et al.,Emerald Group Publishing Limited, UK, Chapter 21


1. Afroz, F.(2015), Adoption Behaviour of Mobile – Health -an Empirical Study in Bangladesh, North South Business Review ( NSBR )

2. Afroz, F. & Shareef, M. A. (2012), Factors Influencing an Applicant to Choose a Job: Effects of the Motivation – Hygiene Approach Issued by the International Journal of the Academy of Organizational Behavior Management (IJAOBM)


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