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Northern University Bangladesh

Mahfuza Ferdousi

Designation : Assistant Professor (Study Leave)
Department : Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Publications :

1. S. M. Mamun, Mahfuza Ferdousi, Automatic Voting System, Dhaka Univ. J. Sc., 53(2),   July 2005.

2. Mahfuza Ferdousi, S. M. Mamun, Design and Calculation of Accuracy of a Digital Tachometer, Dhaka Univ. J. Sc., 54(2), July (2006).

3. Mahfuza Ferdousi, Study on Carbons and Its Applications in Rechargeable Batteries, scientific research   project report, U.G.C, February 2008

4. S.M. Mamun, Mahfuza Ferdousi, Locating Mobile Station in GSM Network, Dhaka Univ. J. Sc., 57(2),   July 2009.

5. Mahfuza Ferdousi, Design and Development of FSK based wireless Communication System For Remote Switching, NUB Journal of Applied Sciences (Accepted), 2015.

Academic Awards, Fellowships and Research Grants :

Award of Academic excellence for holding 1st position in M.Sc. by the Alumni Association of Applied Physics and Electronics (APE ALUMNI).

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