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Northern University Bangladesh

Ms. Farha Naz

Designation : Assistant Professor
Department : English Language & Literature
Academic Qualification :
Masters of Philosophy ( M. Phil ) from University of Dhaka
Masters of Arts in the Second Class in English Language from University of Dhaka
Bachelor of Arts with Honours in the Second class in English Literature from University of Dhaka
Teaching Area :

Writing II; Eighteenth Century English Literature ( Prose and Fiction ), Advanced English II; Reading and Writing; Listening and Speaking

Research :

Comparative Study on Dostoevsky and Saul Bellow, William Blake’s Works

Publications :
-The Influence of Dostoevsky on Bellow in the Context of Characters
F Naz ( 2016), UITS Journal, UITS Journal, Vol.5, Issue.2. 2016 
-Dostoevsky’s Influence on Saul Bellow in the Context of Urbanization and Materialism 
F Naz ( 2018 ), UITS Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, Vol. 6, Issue. 1
Conference paper:
- Colonialism and Its Impact on the African Igboo Society as Depicted in Things Fall Apart. 
 International Conference on African Literature in English / Africa 
 in Literature. The University of Dhaka. 2008. Dhaka, 
 Bangladesh. Unpublished conference paper. University of Dhaka
Training :
workshops for the development of the school teachers teaching English of SSC level at BRAC
-Workshop on Gender Discrimination at BRAC
-Online training on“ Preparing Outcome Based Learning Materials”, conducted by Md. Raihan-Ul- Masood, Associate professor and Head, CSE, NUB
- Online training on “ How to Write a Research Paper” Conducted by Dr. Md. Mohosin Reza, Associate Professor, Department of English, BUP
- Foundation Training on “ Online Teaching Learning Assessment by NUB LMS”
Mobile : 01761341967
E-mail : [email protected]; [email protected]
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