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Northern University Bangladesh

Dr. Md. Harun Ar Rashid

Designation : Professor & Head
Department : Bachelor of Pharmacy
Academic Qualification :
  • B. Pharm. University of Dhaka. (1979-80 batch)
  • M. Pharm. University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • Ph. D. (an integrated degree of MS-PhD), University of Helsinki, Finland.
  • Post- doctoral  research, University of Helsinki


Teaching Area :

Pharmaceutical Technology,Biopharmaceutics and Inorganic Chemistry etc.

Research :
  • Development of excipients obtain from natural source for tablet formulation
  • Dissolution enhancement  Techniques
  • Fast Dissolving tablets
  • Advanced granulation Techniques
  • Tablet coating
  • Drug Delivery
  • Segregation of Powders

On going work:

  • Tablet Preparation using excipients obtained from natural source
  • Segregation of Powders” NUB/UH’ Project in collaboration with ProfessorJuuko.Yliruusi, Chairman Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, University of Helsinki, Finland and Professor Jyrki. Heinamaki, Department of Pharmacy, University of Tartu, Estonia.


Publications :

1. Rashid Ha; Heinamaki j; Yliruusi j; Evaluation of 4 microcrystalline cellulose grades for preparing spherical beads in a centrifugal granulating process, stp pharma sciences issue: 3, volume: 8,1998, pp: 163 - 168

2. Rashid HA1, Heinämäki J, Antikainen O, Yliruusi J, Effects of process variables on the size, shape, and surface characteristics of microcrystalline cellulose beads prepared in a centrifugal granulator. Drug Dev Ind Pharm. 1999 May; 25(5):605-11.

3. Rashid HA1, Heinämäki J, Antikainen O, Yliruusi J., Influence of the centrifugal granulating process on the properties of layered pellets,  Eur J Pharm Biopharm. 2001 May; 51(3):227-34.

4. Rashid, HA; Heinamaki, J; Antikainen, OK; Yliruusi, JK,, "Povidone and Maltodextrin as binders for the preparation of drug-layered pellets based on microcrystalline cellulose beads using centrifugal granulating process", STP PHARM S, 10(5), 2000, pp. 355-362 .

5. KS Faisal • A Giri • KR Azam • M Rahman • HA Rashid, Solid dispersion formulations of Pioglitazone HCl using five different polymers for enhancing dissolution profile.Int. J. of Pharm. & Life Sci. (IJPLS), Vol. 4, Issue 1: January: 2013, 2269-2275

6. Mr.Md. Harun ar. Rashid • Khandokar Sadique Faisal • Rajendra Shrestha • Md. Abu Kawsar • Mithun Saha • an overview: validation and its implication in pharmaceutical industry, international journal of inventions in pharmaceutical sciences , Page | 865 eISSN: 2320-1428

7. Md. Habib ullah Bhuyian,  Dr. Harun ar Rashid, Md. Mohsin, Khadija tut Tahera, An Overview: Stability Study of Pharmaceutical Products and Shelf life Prediction ,  European Journal of Biomedical  AND Pharmaceutical sciences,  Issue: 6,  Volume: 2 , 30-40, Year: 2015

8. Md. Bhuyian • Dr. Harun Rashid • A. Islam • Md. Tareq, Development and Validation of Method for Determination of Clobetasol Propionate and Salicylic Acid from Pharmaceutical Dosage Form by HPLC, Int. J. of Pharm. & Life Sci. (IJPLS), Vol. 4, Issue 1: January: 2013, 2269-2275.

9. Md Habib Ullah Bhuyian, A F M Ariful Islam , Md Isha Tareque ,  Harun AR. Rashid, Development and Validation  Method for Determination of lutein by Hplc • P: 145-165 Vol 4, Issue 04, 2015

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11. Rashid HA, Faisal KS, Bhyian MHU, Alam MJ, Hasan MM , Mixture design experiment on dissolution of pioglitazone hcl solid dispersion as affected by hydrophilic polymers interaction .International Journal of Biopharmaceutics,7(1), 2016, 17-23.

12. Hasan MM, Mahmud SM, Islam MA, Islam MM, Karim SM, Moniruzzaman M, Rashid HA. A key approach to care pharmaceutical products and recalls. International Journal of Pharmacy Practice & Drug Research, 6(2), 2016, 63-70.

13. Md. Mehdi Hasan, Harun Ar Rashid, Somaia Haque Chadni, Md. Jahangir Alam, Rozi Hasna, Md. Mohshin Islam: GASTRORETENTIVE: AN INNOVATIVE DRUGDELIVERY SYSTEM. International Journal of Biological & Pharmaceutical Research 08/2016; 07(05).

14. Jannat E, Arif AA, Hasan MM, Zarziz AB, Rashid HA. Granulation techniques & its updated modules.  The Pharma Innovation Journal , 5(10), 2016, 134-141.

15. Md. Mehdi Hasan, Md.Mizanur Rahman, A K lutful Kabir, Ajoy Kumar Ghosh, Mahbub Hasan, Md. Salimul Karim, Harun Ar Rashid: CONTEMPORARY INVESTIGATION ON NASAL SPRAY DRUG DELIVERY SYSTEM. International Journal of Pharmacy & Therapeutics 09/2016; 07(04).

16. Hasan MM, Uddin F, Islam MM, Hasan M, Banik K, Islam MA, Rashid HA. Nanotechnology drug delivery system: tools in advance pharmaceutical & human health care. International Journal Of Biopharmaceutics. 2016; 7(2): 90-99.

17. Md. Mehdi Hasan, Md.Mizanur Rahman, Mahbub Hasan, S.M. Nazrul Islam, Masum Al Hasan, Harun Ar Rashid: SELF-MICROEMULSIFYING: A NEW APPROACH OF LIPID BASED DRUG DELIVERY SYSTEMS. (Accepted)

18. Md. Mehdi Hasan, Sabrin Mahmud Shanta, Md. Aminul Islam, S.M. Nazrul Islam, Md. Mohon Farazi, Harun Ar Rashid: ZIKA VIRUS PATHOGENESIS : A GLOBAL BIOTERRORISM FOR PUBLIC HEALTH. (Accepted)


Academic Awards, Fellowships and Research Grants :
  • Postgraduate scholarship  forForeign Students,University of Helsinki, 1998& 2000.
  • Research grant on  Shiitake Mushroom, University of Kuopio, Finland, 1992.
  • Research grant from Tekas, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, University of Helsinki 1998


Training :
  • Four weeks,  In - plant training “Square Pharmaceutical Ltd”, 1986
  • Training on handling  Pharmaceutical quality testing equipment, arranged by Kuopio University, 1992
  • Hospital Pharmacy, Pejiaksen Hospital, 2001 and 2002, Vantaa, Finland.
  • Training  on electron microscope, University of Helsinki, 1999.
  • Training on “Teaching  Methodology” arranged by Northern University Bangladesh.
  • Training on “Pedagogy and Metacognition” arranged by Northern  University, Bangladesh.


Membership :

Bangladesh Pharmaceutical society (BPS)

Pharmaceutical graduate association PGA)

American Association of Pharmaceutical society(AAPS)


E-mail : [email protected]
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