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Northern University Bangladesh

Dr. Faria Rabbi

Designation : Senior Lecturer, Coordinator, Career Counseling Department
Department : Business Administration
Academic Qualification :

PhD in Management from SEGi University, Malaysia, September 2018


MBA (Major in Finance)


Fall 2010


BBA (Major in Finance)


Fall 2006




Ideal School and College





Isphani School and College


Teaching Area :

Human Resource Management, Management 

Publications :

1.         Impact of Human resource Practice in Organizational Commitment: Bangladeshi Context. Under review in International Business management (Scopus).(Dec, 2019)

2.         Selvanthan, M., Rabbi. M, (2017). Customer satisfaction in Royal Malaysian Police (RMP). (under Review of IJHRS)

3.         Feng. D, Supermaniam, rabbi. F (2019) The impact of Seller’s Attitude on Buyer’s Intention in China. International journal of Innovation, Creativity and Changes, 7(10).

4.         Rabbi. F, Selvanthan, M, Supramaniam. M,BC Yin-Fah, Impact of Human resource Practice in Organizational Commitment: Case Study in Higher Learning Institution in                Bangladesh, Accepted ICMIR 2019: Russia.

5.         Selvanthan, M., Vighnesvaran, R., Teng, V., Rabbi, F. (2017), Internet Banking Challenges among Customers in Selangor, Malaysia, International Journal of Human                      Resource Studies 6 (3).

6.         Rabbi. F, Zandi. G & Farrukh. M (2016), The impact of knowledge management infrastructure and process on university performance, SEGi review 1(9).

7.         Selvanthan, M., Nadarajan, D., Yee, Y., Rabbi, F. (2016), Credit Card Debt in Kota Damansara, Selangor: An Investigation of Credit Card Debt Determinants and Factors,              International Journal of Human Resource Studies 6 (3).

8.         Ahmed. N. O. A, Farrukh. M, Rabbi. F (2016). Knowledge sharing willingness through the lens of social psychology theories. African Journal of Science and                                    Research,2016,(5)2:01-03, ISSN: 2306-5877

9.         Zandi. G, Rabbi. F. (2015) The Tax Evasion and Compliance: An Exploratory Study on Malaysian Tax Payers. International Journal of Social Science and Humanities.1 (1).

10.       Saed. A, Syed. N, Rabbi. F, Farrukh. M(2015). The impact of organizational Justice on job Burnout. Scholars Journal of Economics, Business and Management.                              2(5B):519-522.

11.        Kashif. M, Khurshid. M.K, Rabbi. F, Ali. T (2015). Organizational support and Corporate Entrepreneurship: Theory Recapitulation. Australian Journal of Basic and Applied              Science. 9(27), ISSN:1991-8178.

12.       Rabbi. F, Ahad. N, Kousar and Ali. T (2015), Talent Management as a source of competitive advantages, Journal of Asian Business Strategy, 5(9).

13.       Rabbi. F, Kimiya. F and Farrukh. M (2015), The Impact of Job Satisfaction, Perceived Availability of Job Alternative on Turnover Intention, Journal for Studies in                              Management and Planning, 1(11).

14.       Farrukh, M., Rabbi, F. (2015).Human Resource Management Practices and corporate entrepreneurship: The mediating Role of Organizational commitment, Accepted in                International Business management.(ISSN: 19935250: Scopus )

          Worked for two Malaysian government funded work which is not published yet, because of that can not reveal here. 

Academic Awards, Fellowships and Research Grants :

Best Research Assistant 2017-2018.

SEGi University


Training :

Philosophy of Success

13-14 May 2017

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Partial Least Square Using Smart PLS 2

13-14 February 2016

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


GST 2016

29 August 2016

Selangor, Malaysia


Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)

7 December 2015,

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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