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Northern University Bangladesh

Ms. Nusrat Tazin

Designation : Senior Lecturer (Study Leave)
Department : Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Research :
Final year project on “Producing a regenerative repeater and PSK modulator”, as a fulfillment of Digital Communication Lab, 2010.
Final year project on “Designing a photo detector” as a fulfillment of Opto-Electronics course, 2010.
Third year project on “Traffic signal control by using microcontroller” as a fulfillment of Microprocessor lab course, 2009.
Third year project on “Designing the electrical wiring of a flat” as a fulfillment of Electrical Service Design course, 2009.
Publications :

1. NusratTazin, M. Rubaiyat H. Mondal “Optimal Biased Spatial OFDM for Peak Power Limited Optical Wireless Channels” (Accepted to 10th International Conference on Signal Processing and Communication Systems, 19-21 Dec 2016, Gold Coast, Australia).

2. NusratTazin, ShahedAnzarusSabab “Diagnosis of Chronic Kidney Disease using Effective Classification and Feature Selection Technique” (Accepted to International Conference on Medical Engineering, Health informatics and Technology-MediTech, 17-18 Dec 2016, United International University, Bangladesh).

3. N. Tazin, A.S.M.S. Arefin, A.Arefin, M.S. Alam, “Transmission Gate Adder in 0.18 μm CMOS Technology”,(Submitted to NUB Journal of Applied Science, Issue 1, Vol 2. )

4. N. Tazin, A.S.M.S. Arefin, A.Arefin, M.S. Alam, “Proper Reasoning of Migration towards 4G with Comparative Analysis”, (Submitted to NUB Journal of Applied Science, Issue 1, Vol 2.)

5. NusratTazin, AshrafulArefin, Kazi Md. Shahiduzzaman, “Analysis of a SIMO transceiver system for Rayleigh fading environment with maximal ratio combining”, International Journal of Research in Computer andCommunication Technology, Vol. 4, Issue 1, January 2015.

6. Kazi Md. Shahiduzzaman , Khan Mamun Reza , NusratTazin, “Combined Local Global Optical Flow Approach in Bio-medical Image Sequences for blood flow detection”. International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer and Communication Engineering Vol. 4, Issue 2, February 2015.

7. Md. ShamsulArefin, NusratTazin, Munsury Rahman, TajrianMollick. “Performance evaluation of a SCM Optical Transmission System”, IOSR journal of Engineering, Vol. 3, Issue-4, April 2013, Version-2, ISSN-2250-3021.

8. AshrafulArefin, NusratTazin, ASM ShamsulArefin and ShahanaAkter, “Influence of Temperature on SteadyState Performance of VCSEL”, International Journal of Scientific Engineering & Applied Sciences, July 2015,ISSN: 2395-3470, vol. 1, issue 4

Training :
Cellular mobile phone technology 27th Nov - 26th Dec, 2009
Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd. The training was conducted by the mobile service provider Citycell, Huawei Technologies Company Ltd. Subjects focused, CDMA Cellular technology, Network planning, Core Network Operation and Maintenance, Field Operation and Maintenance (RF and BTS), Intelligent Network, MSC, HLR, Network Operations Center (NOC).
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GSM fundamental & wireless mobile network 2nd Feb - 4th Feb, 2011
Huawei Training Center, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Training was provided onCellular Mobile Network, Components in GSM Network, Standard Telecom Network Interface, GSM Network Protocols & Applications, Air Interface & Radio Technologies, BTS Hardware in GSM Network, Service Area & Numbering Plan.
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