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Northern University Bangladesh

Dr. Lt. Col Sarder Mahmud Hossain

Designation : Professor & Head
Department : Public Health
Publications :

1. S. M. Hossain, M. A. Malek, M.A. Bhuyan, A.S.M.M. Rahman .2005.Food Fortificationas a strategy in achieving better nutritional status of pre-school children. Asiat. Soc. Bangladesh, Sci. 31(1): 47-54, June 2005.

2. S M Hossain, ASMM Rahman M A Malek, MA H Bhuyan .2007.Effects of antioxidants on advancement of mental age and school performances of pre-school children. JFMC Bangladesh, vol 3, No 2 (Dec) 2007.

3. Hai A, Hossain SM, Nasiruzzaman A K, Afroze S. Treatment Outcome with a Second Generation Combination Chemotherapeutic Regimen m-BACOD and with a Standard Regimen CHOP for Advanced Diffuse Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in Elderly Patients. JAFMC Bangladesh, Vol 4, No 2(Dec) 2008.

4. M Bellal Hossain, SSMA Khorasani, MA Malek, S Mahmud Hossain, KM Hossain,SM Shamsuddinand Sydea Gaffar Khaleque.2002.Effects of Fiber-Enriched Diet on the Patients of Hypertension. South Asian J. Nutr.2(1 & 2): 77- 81.

5. M Bellal Hossain, K Moazzem Hossain, S Mahmud Hossain, Dulal Kumar Saha, and Pankaj Kundu.1999. Devlopment of Coconut Delight Candy Using Desiccated Coconut Kernel. South Asian J. Nutr.1(1 & 2): 23 - 28.

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9. An article ‘Antioxidants in Combating morbidities among Underprivileged Preschool Children’ has been accepted by International Medical journal (IMJ) on February 25, 2013 for Publication with paper no. GS-6202036 and e-mail address [email protected]

10. Monowar Ahmad Tarafdar, Mahbuba Alam khan, Sarder Mahmud Hossain, Sheikh Mohammad Alif. 2013. Post Natal Care Utilization Patients AttendingGynae and Obstetric Department Dhaka Medical College Hospital. Journal of Sylhet Women’s Medical College, Vol 03; No. 01.

11.Tanjir Rashid Soron, Monowar Ahmad Tarafdar, Sarder Mahmud Hossain, Sheikh Mohammad alif, Mahbuba alam Khan. 2013. Pattern of Facebook Use and Profile of Facebook Users in Bangladesh. Journal of Sylhet Women’s Medical College, Vol 03; No. 01.

12. Hossain SM, Tarafdar MA, Sheikh MA, Baroi S. Study on Level of Knowledge on Climate Change among the People Residing in a Selected Area of Dhaka City. AKMMC Journal. Vol. 4, No. 2: July 2013.

13. Monowar Ahmad Tarafdar, Sarder Mahmud Hossain, Sheikh Mohammad alif, Fatima Nanya Musa, Naima Nimmi. Practice on hand washing in selected slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Journal of Sylhet Women’s Medical College, Vol 03; No. 02.

14.Monowar Ahmad Tarafdar, Nazmun Naher, Sheikh Mohammad alif, Sarder Mahmud Hossain, Naima Nimmi. Exclusive breastfeeding practices among the lactating mothers in Kishoreganj district, Bangladesh. Journal of Sylhet Women’s Medical College, Vol 03; No. 02.

15. Mahmud SZ, Alif SM, Tarafder MA, Hossain SM. The correlation between periodontal diseases and choronogical age among type-2 diabetes network (NHN) Mirpur centre, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

16. SZ Mahmud, MM Uddin, SZ Eusufzai, NA Noman, SM Hossain, MA Tarafder. Oral Effects of Renal Disease: A Medical Problem in Dentistry. Bangladesh Journal of Dental Research & Education, Vol. 4, No. 2, July 2014

17. Hossain SM1, Eusufzai SZ2, Elahi MM3, Jamayet NB4. Knowledge, Attitude and Practices related to AI among poultry workers of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Journal of Medical Science Vol. 14 No. 01 January’15

18. Author of ‘OPERATION MORUPRANTOR’- a reputed book on historical ‘Gulf War’which took place in 1990-1991. Published by Hakkani Publishers in 1998.

19. Author of ‘ GOLAPER JANNAY BHALOBASHA’/ LOVE FOR ROSES published Ahmadia Publishing House in 2011.

20. Author of Ekattorey Bangladesh (BANGLADESH IN 1971)-An well

circulated book on War of Liberation.Published by Anindo Prokashoni in 2009.

21.‘A Hand Book on Nutrition’ fulfilling the requirement of MPH has been written and published in 2012. Published by Mullik Brothers.

22. Bangladesh. A Rahman1, M Rahman2, S Huq3, S M Hossain4. Contraceptive Practice of Married Women: Experience from a Rural Community of  Bangladesh. AKMMC J 2014: 5(1).

23. Sarder Mahmud Hossain1, Sazia Huq2, Biswas Adhikari3, Sumaiya Zabin Eusuf Zai4, Syed Mohammad Tanjilul  Haque5. Parenting Skills and Child Behavior: A cross-sectional Study in Some Selected Area in Nepal. South East Asia Journal of Public Health 2015: (1); 44-48.

24.Huq S1, Hossain SM2, Akhter S3, Haque SMT4. Knowledge, Attitude and Practice On Hepatitis-B Infection Among Some Infected Patients In A Selected Medical Center, Dhaka City. (Abstract Published on PHF Day 7,8 Dec 2015).

25. Hossain SM1, Khaliduzzaman SM2, Huq S3, Sharmin UH4. Evaluation of Pattern of Infertility Among The Patients Attended A Selected Infertility Center In Dhaka, Bangladesh. (Abstract Published on PHF Day 7,8 Dec 2015).

26. Dr. Sazia Huq, Dr. (Lt Col) Sarder Mahmud, Syed Mohammad Tanjilul Haque, Dr. Farzana Mahmuda, Zahid Mizan, Dr. Tazdik Chowdhury. Prevalence and determination of smoking in some selected private university students of Dhaka city. Update Dental College Journal (UpDCJ) Vol. 05, Issue 02, April, 2015.

27. Marufa Sultana1, Rashidul alam mahmud1, Abdur Razzaq Sarker1, Sarder Mahmud Hossain2. Hand hygiene knowledge and practice among university students: evidence from Private Universities of Bangladesh. Dove Press Journal: Risk Management and Healthcare Policy. 12 February 2016: 13-20.

28. S Huq1, A Awal2, SM Hossain3, NN Shimu4. Maintenance of Oral Hygiene among Some School Going Children of Dhaka City: A Descriptive Study. Bangladesh Journal of Dental Research and Education. Vol. 6, No. 1. January, 2016.

29. SZ Mahmud, MS Amin, MA Tarafdar, SM Hossain. Measurement of Oral health literacy level Among Bangladeshi Adults Seeking Dental Care and Its Relationship With Socio-demographic Characteristics. AKMMC J 2016; 7(1):34-39.

30. Hossain SM, Khaliduzzaman SM, Huq S, Sharmin UH, Jamayet NB, Eusufzai SZ. Evaluation of Pattern of Infertility among the Patients of a Selected Infertility Center in Dhaka, Bangladesh. IOSR Journal. (Accepted)

Training :

1. Attended and completed Seminar on Environmental Management Systems held on September, 19 - 21 in 2006 and awarded a certificate.

2. Obtained training on Food Safety and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points under Food Safety Program on October 16-18 in 2005.

Membership :

1. Life Member, Nutrition Society of Bangladesh (NSB).

2. Former member, Technical Committee, Steering Committee andImplementation Committee, Food Fortification Alliance, Bangladesh (NFFA, B), under Ministry of Industry (MOI).

3. Former member, Technical Committee and Divisional Committee, BangladeshStandard

and Testing Institute (BSTI).  

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