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Northern University Bangladesh

Jannatul Ferdush

Designation : Senior Lecturer
Department : Textile Engineering
Academic Qualification :

M.Sc. in Textile Engineering (Wet Process)

B.Sc. in Textile Engineering (Wet Process)

Teaching Area :

Theory: Wet Processing Technology-I, Wet Processing Technology-II, Wet Processing Technology-III, Wet Processing Technology-IV, Special Wet Processing Technology, Textile Raw Materials-I, Textile Raw Materials-II, Fundamental of Textile Processes, Environmental Pollution and its Control, Textile Physics-I, Textile Physics-II, Textile Testing and Quality Control-I, Textile Testing and Quality Control-II, Polymer Science and Engineering, International Marketing of Textiles and Apparels, Textile Quality Management, Organic Chemistry.


Lab: Wet Processing Technology-I Lab, Wet Processing Technology-II Lab, Wet Processing Technology-III Lab, Wet Processing Technology-IV Lab, Textile Testing and Quality Control-I Lab, Textile Testing and Quality Control-II Lab.

Research :

Research interest:

Characterization and application of natural dyes on textiles, Technical characterization of natural textile materials, Modification of polymer, Composite materials, Recycling and reuse of disposal materials for textile application, Effluent Treatment Plant including decoloration and sludge management, Application of unmaintainable dyes and pigments and finishing chemicals on textiles, Reduction of carbon footprint in manufacturing textiles

Researcher Profile link:

Publications :
1. Nahar, Kamrun & Ferdush, Jannatul & Ferdous, Most Jannatul & Akter, Tarifun. (2020). TextileTrends Effect of different fixing agent on hue and shade percentage of reactive dyed cotton fabric 24 textile trends-February 2020 Lxii. 24-27.
2. Rahman, A., & Ferdush, J.(2019) “Quality Perception of Luxury Fashion Brand Before and After Contact Luxury Fashion Brand.” IOSR Journal of Polymer and Textile Engineering (IOSRJPTE) , vol. 6, no. 1, 2019, pp. 20-27. 
3. Nahar, K., Akter, T., Ferdush, J., & Islam, M. (2019). Effects of cationizer on different shade percentage of reactive dye for dyeing cotton knit fabric. Journal of Polymer and Textile Engineering, 6(1), 14-19. 
4. Islam, M., Akter, T., & Jannatul Ferdush, K. (2019). Impact of Fabric Density, Color and Composition of Plain weave Fabric on Ultraviolet Protective Factor. Global Journal of Research in Engineering. 
5. Nahar, K., Islam, M., Ferdush, J., & Akter, T. (2019). Optimization of Time and Temperature for Stone Washed Denim Fabric. 
6. Islam, M.,Nahar,K., Ferdush, J., & Akter, T.(2019) Comparative Analysis of Laser Treatment on Solid and Yarn Dyed Cotton Fabric. J Textile Sci & Fashion Tech. 4(1): 2019. JTSFT.MS.ID.000579. 
7. Ferdush, J., Nahar, K., Akter, T., Ferdoush, M. J., Jahan, N., & Iqbal, S. F. (2019). Effect of Hydrogen Peroxide Concentration on 100% Cotton Knit Fabric Bleaching. Eur. Sci. J, 15, 254. 
8. Nahar, K., Arju, S. N., Ferdush, J., Islam, M., & Akter, T. (2020). Colorimetric Analysis and Fastness Properties of Jute Fabric Dyed with Eucalyptus Leaves. Tekstilec, 63(3).
9. Jannatul Ferdusha, Nusrat Jahan, Sraboni Ahmed, Most. Jannatul Ferdous, Colorimetric Analysis and Fastness Rating of Natural Yellow Color Dyes on Cotton Fabric; JNSTT, 2022, ISSN: 2789-9411,Vol.1(1),60-69;
Training :

Cotton Club (BD) Ltd, Jarun, Kashimpur, Gazipur

Mobile : 01745808019
E-mail : [email protected]
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