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Northern University Bangladesh

Md. Tanjim Hossain

Designation : Assistant Professor & Coordinator
Department : Textile Engineering
Research :

Ø  Working on Natural Dyes:

§  Extraction of Turmeric and isolation

§  Dyeing with Turmeric

§  Dyeing with Betel nut

§  Caffeine isolation from Tea

§  Dyeing with Tea

§  Extraction of Onion

§  Dyeing with Onion

Ø  Working on Textile Management and Business studies

Ø  Working on Multi Color Effect Dyeing on Multi Substrate in One Bath

Ø  Working on RMG sector in Bangladesh

Publications :

1.   Md. Tanjim Hossain, Jannatul Mawa Moon, “RMG- The Leading Earning Sector of Bangladesh: A Review’’, Integrated Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (, Volume 1(3), May-June 2014, Pp.98-109

2.  Md. Mazharul Islam, Md. Tanjim Hossain, Mohammad Abdul Jalil, Elias Khali, “Line Balancing for Improving Apparel Production by Operator Skill Matrix’’, International Journal of Science, Technology and Society (Science Publishing group, Volume 3(4), June 2015, Pp.101-106

3.  Md. Tanjim Hossain, Md. Mazharul Islam, Mohammad Abdul Jalil, Md. Nasir Uddin, Ayesha Siddika, “The Effect of Different Mordants on Dyeing of Cotton Fabric with Henna”,  International Journal of General Engineering and  Technology, (IJGET)  Volume 4(4), June-July 2015, Pp.1-8

4. Mohammad Abdul Jalil, Md. Tanjim Hossain, Md. Mazharul Islam, Md Moshiur Rahman, Prashanta Kumar Roy, “ To Estimate the Standard Minute Value of a Polo-shirt by Work Study”, Volume XV Issue II Version I, 2015

Academic Awards, Fellowships and Research Grants :

1. Scored “very good”    Certificate in English Language Proficiency (CELP) - Conducted by dept of English, Southeast University.

2. Textile Talent search   Secured 2nd position (junior category) Conducted by dept of Textile, Southeast University on April, 2010   

3. Textile Talent search   Secured 4th  position (senior category) Conducted by dept of Textile, Southeast University on February, 2011

Training :

1.      Eight weeks Industrial training on Knitting, Batching, Dyeing, and Finishing in Echotex LTD.

2.      Two days Industrial training on Total quality management in NITTRAD.

3.      Two days Industrial training on Knitting in Montex.

4.      One day Industrial training on Effluent Treatment Plant in Delta Accessories.

5.      Two days Industrial training on Machine maintenance in New Megna.

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