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Northern University Bangladesh

Md. Tanjim Hossain

Designation : Associate Professor & Head
Department : Textile Engineering
Academic Qualification :

M.Phil., JU; M.Sc. in Textile Engineering, BUTEX

Teaching Area :

Textile Wet Processing, Textile Engineering  Management 

Research :

Research interest:

Natural Dyes

Researcher Profile link:

Publications :
1. Azad, T. N. S., Moon, J. M., Faysal, G. M., Hossain. M. T. (2022). Green Human Resource Management Practice in Bangladesh Readymade Garments Industries. Journal of Social Science. 3(3).
2. Islam, M.M., Hossain, M.T., Repon, M.R., Islam, T,, Kibria, G., Jalil, M.A. (2022). Seam Strength Prediction for Different Stitch Types Considering Stitch Density of Cotton Woven Fabrics. Textile & Leather Review. 2022; 5:53-69. 
3. Azad, T.S., Faysal, G., Hossain, M. T. (2021). Assessing the Scenario of Solid Waste Management System: A case Study in Gopalganj Municipality of Bangladesh, Journal of Waste Management and Disposal by SCHOLERENA, 4 (1), 01-07
4. Jalil, M. A., Moniruzzaman, M., Parvez, M. S., Siddika, A., Gafur, M. A., Repon, M. R., & Hossain, M. T. (2021). A novel approach for pineapple leaf fiber processing as an ultimate fiber using existing machines. Heliyon, e07861.
5. Hossain, M. T., Rahman, F., Chowdhury, M. S. I., Rahman, M. T., & Rahman, M. L. (2019). An Approach to Evaluate Different Properties of Printed Cotton Fabric by using Polyethylene and Silicon Softener. Global Journal of Research in Engineering. 
6. Rafi, A. N. M., & Hossain, M. T. (2018). Human Resource Accounting: Issues, Beneficial Proponents and Constraints. Global Journal of Management and Business Research.
7. Hossain, M. T., Islam, M. N., Saber-E-Montaha, M., & Moon, J. M. (2018). Branding of Bangladeshi Apparel Products in International Market: A Survey. Global Journal of Management and Business Research. 
8. Jalil, M. A., Hossain, M. T., Islam, M. M., & Rahman, M. M. (2015). To estimate the standard minute value of a polo-shirt by work study. Global Journal of Research in Engineering. 
9. Hossain, M. T., Islam, M. M., Jalil, M. A., Uddin, M. N., & Siddika, A. (2015). The Effect of Different Mordants on Dyeing of Cotton Fabric With Henna. Int. J. Gen. Eng. Technol, 4(4), 1-8. 
10. Islam, M. M., Hossain, M. T., Jalil, M. A., & Khalil, E. (2015). Line balancing for improving apparel production by operator skill matrix. International Journal of Science, Technology and Society, 3(4), 101-106 https;//doi: 10.11648/j.ijsts.20150304.11
11. Hossain, M. T., Moon, J.M. (2014) RMG -The Leading Earning Sector of Bangladesh: A Review. Integer. J. Engg. Res. Tech, Vol 1(3), 98-109 
12. Uddin, M. N. , Islam, M. M, Hossain, M.T.Islam, M. N. & Saha, P. K. (2017) "A Potential Approach for Selecting the Appropriate Spacer Size at Ring Frame for Outstanding Performance of 30 Ne Blended Yarn (CVC)"; in ICMEAS 2017 (International Conference of Mechanical Engineering & Applied Science), Organized by MIST & BUET (22 - 23 February, 2017) 
13. Jalil, M.A. Mahabubuzzaman, A.K. M., Uddin M. N., Hossain, M. T., & Rahman, M. (2015) Physio-mechanical Properties of Pineapple Leaf Fiber and Its Spinning Performance. International Conference of Mechanical Engineering (ICME-2015, 18 - 20 December, 2015), Organized by BUET
Training :
1. “Hands-on Orientation for new program Evaluators” May 2022, Institute of Engineers, Bangladesh. Organized by BAETE, BD.
2. “Outcome Based Education” October 2021, Resource Person; Dr. SM Kabir, Member, Bangladesh Accreditation Council
3. “Blended Learning” October 2021, Resource Person: Dr. Nehal Mahatab, Nothingham trent university, UK
4. "Learning Analytics for Student Engagement” September 2021, Resource Person: Dr. Gaur Chandra Saha Professor of Analytics, Jaipuria Institute of Management Indore, India
5. Leadership in Classroom Teaching” July 2021, Resource Person: Dr. Aalok Kumar Asst. Professor, Indian Institute of Management.
6. “Role of Faculty Members in Effective Student Engagement” June 2021, Dr. Sirajul I Bhuiyan, Professor, Savanat State University, USA
7. “ Effectiveness in Online Teaching and Evaluation” April 2021,Resource Person: Dr. M Mamoon Al Bahir, University of Hull, UK
8. Workshop on “Research Method and Dissertation Writing” August 17, 2017, NUB
9. Workshop on “Curriculum Development, Mapping of Objectives of Course with Intended Learning Outcome (ILO) and Evaluation Metrics” May 08-09, 2017, IQAC, NUB
10. Workshop on “ Capacity Building in Higher Degree Research” Australian Academy of business leadership (AABL) and NUB, November 28, 2016
Mobile : 01755514683, 01724701910 (Whatsapp)
E-mail : [email protected]; [email protected]
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