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Md. Tanjim Hossain

Designation : Assistant Professor & Coordinator
Department : Textile Engineering
Academic Qualification :
M.Sc. in Textile Engineering, Bangladesh University of Textiles;                       
B.Sc in Wet Processing Technology
Teaching Area :

Wet Processing, Textile Management 

Research :
  1.  Assessment of Market Feasibility in Case of Dyeing Silk Fabric with Marigold Flower
  2. Extraction and Purification of Natural Dyes and Their Application in Textile Coloration
Publications :
  1. Md. Tanjim Hossain, Jannatul Mawa Moon, “RMG- The Leading Earning Sector of Bangladesh: A Review’’,Integrated Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (,Volume 1(3), May-June 2014, Pp.98-109
  2. Md. Mazharul Islam, Md. Tanjim Hossain, Mohammad Abdul Jalil, Elias Khali, “Line Balancing for Improving Apparel Production by Operator Skill Matrix’’, International Journal of Science, Technology and Society (Science Publishing group),Volume 3(4), June 2015, Pp.101-106
  3. Md. Tanjim Hossain,Md. Mazharul Islam,Mohammad Abdul Jalil, Md. Nasir Uddin, Ayesha Siddika, “The Effect of Different Mordants on Dyeing of Cotton Fabric with Henna”, International Journal of General Engineering and  Technology, (IJGET)Volume 4(4), June-July 2015, Pp.1-8
  4. Mohammad Abdul Jalil, Md. Tanjim Hossain,Md. Mazharul Islam, Md Moshiur Rahman, Prashanta Kumar Roy, “ To Estimate the Standard Minute Value of a Polo-shirt by Work Study”, Volume XV Issue II Version I, 2015
  5. Md. Tanjim Hossain, Saber-E-Montaha, Jannatul  Mawa Moon “Branding of Bangladeshi Apparel Products in International Market: A Survey” Global Journal of Management and Business Research, Vol 18, Issue 1,  pp15-18
  6. Abu Nayem Md. Rafi , Md. Tanjim Hossain, ‘Human Resource Accounting: Issues, Beneficial Proponents and Constraints’  GJMBR, vol 18, Issue 3, version 1


Conference Papers (on progress)


  1. Physio- mechanical Properties of Pineapple Leaf Fiber and Its Spinning Performance’’, 11th   International Conference, ICME 2015, BUET, 18-20 December, (Paper Id: ICME15-359)
  2. “A Potential Approach for Selecting the Appropriate Spacer Size at Ring Frame for outstanding Properties of 30 Ne Blended Yarn (CVC)”  ICMEAS-2017, Paper ID:224, MIST &BUET


Academic Awards, Fellowships and Research Grants :

1. Scored “very good”    Certificate in English Language Proficiency (CELP) - Conducted by dept of English, Southeast University.

2. Textile Talent search   Secured 2nd position (junior category) Conducted by dept of Textile, Southeast University on April, 2010   

3. Textile Talent search   Secured 4th  position (senior category) Conducted by dept of Textile, Southeast University on February, 2011

Training :
  1. Workshop on “Research Method and Dissertation Writing” August 17, 2017, NUB


  1. Workshop on “Curriculum Development, Mapping of Objectives of Course with Intended Learning Outcome (ILO) and Evaluation Metrics” May 08-09, 2017, IQAC, NUB


  1. Workshop on “ Capacity Building in Higher Degree Research” Australian Academy of business leadership (AABL) and NUB, November 28, 2016


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