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Northern University Bangladesh

Md. Oly Ullah Chowdhury

Designation : Lecturer
Department : Business Administration
Teaching Area :

1.TV News Reporting , Bangladesh Institute of Journalism and Electronic Media (BIJEM)  Dhaka-2012, Bangladesh.
2.Regimental /Wing Training Exercise (RTE/WTE), the cadets learn comradeship, customs and etiquette, obedience, tolerance and above all discipline in the training camp. The training helps me to be more active, diligent and punctual. BNCC (Naval Wing) Dhaka University Contingent, University of Dhaka-2010, Bangladesh.

Research :

1.Conducted a Bachelor Research Paper on ‘Hazardous child labour in Dhaka City’ (Quantitative in Nature)
2.Conducted a Master’s research paper on ‘Livelihood pattern of Arotder (owner) & Hilsha fishermen involve in Hilsha fishing in three costal area ( Cox’s Bazar, Patuakhali & Barguna)’ Qualitative in Nature.
3.I have executed a field work for BSS (Hon’s) in Central Drug addiction treatment centre, Department of Social Services, Tejgaon, Dhaka, Bangladesh, and prepared a report on ‘The current situation and   possibilities   of drug addicted persons in Bangladesh’. (05 December,2012 to 26 March, 2013)
4.I have executed a field work for MSS in BIRDEM General Hospital, Department of Social Services, Department of Social Services, Sahabag, Dhaka-1000 and prepared a report on ‘Diabetic: Bangladesh in Volcanic Situation ’ (08 April,2014 to 29 July, 2014)

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