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Northern University Bangladesh

Prof. Dr. M. Shamsul Haque

Designation : Senior Vice-Chairman, NUBT
Department : Business Administration
Academic Qualification :

Ph.D in Finance & Public Policy: Manchester Business School, U.K, 1977 MBA in Finance: School of Business Indiana University, USA, 1969
M. Com in Accounting: 1st Class, 1963

Teaching Area :

Finance & Strategic Management

Publications :

1. Cottage Industries of Bangladesh: Potential for Growth.

2. Industry and Labour: The Art of Management in Bangladesh in the New Millennium, A University of Dhaka Study.

3. “Zero based budgeting, a concept to apply for GoB budget for Fy 08/09 and allocate more funds for agriculture and rural development” April 18, 2008, the Independent, BD.

4. “Knowledge based vs. achievement oriented society in BD” 17th anniversary issue, The Daily Star, March 2008.

5. “Fighting inflation in Bangladesh- a monetarist’s view.” The Financial Express July …, 2007.

6. “GDP as a measure of economic health: not useful any more.” The Independent December 26, 2006.

7. “Corporate Disclosure and Governance Issues with special reference to Cash Flow Statement in Annual Reports of Listed Companies”, The Journal of Business and Technology, Volume-!, Issue I, Jan-June 2006, Northern University Bangladesh.

8. “A Study on the Performance of Financial Courts in Bangladesh”, Bank Parikkrama, A Journal of Banking and Finance, BIBM, vol. XXVII and No.4 December 2002.

9. “Three-yearly budget for the Education Sector in Bangladesh: more of the same trash!” The Independent, 10th Anniversary Issue, July 7, 2005.

10. “The Investment Climate in Bangladesh: more than that meets the eye.” the Independent, May 3, 2005.

11. “The art of management: industry and labour: a critic of corporate governance models with reference to Bangladesh:. Published in the New Millennium Study, Published by Dhaka university 2004.

12. “Similarities and differences in sources of growth in USA and Bangladesh” published in Financial Express, 2004.

13. “Quality management in higher education”. Management Forum 2004 AMDIB, IBA DU.

14. “ Energy Sector In Bangladesh: Poorly managed and in equitable” Published in Management Forum 2002., AMDIB, IBA DU.

15. “A study on the performance of privatised units in Bangladesh”, Published in Management Forum 2002, AMDIB IBA DU.

16. “Higher education in Bangladesh: Failure in strategic management” Published in Management Forum 2002, AMDIB IBA DU.

17. “Strategic Management of the Energy Sector in Bangladesh: Choice of Technology in Electricity Production and Distribution using natural gas” a paper presented in and published in a volume of Management Forum 2002, AMDIB, IBA DU.

18. “Risk-return in Dhaka Stock Exchange: A study of market behaviour under distress: IBA Journal, Dhaka January-March, 2001.

19. “Globalisation, Competition and the Poor” Sunday, October 31, 1999, The Financial Express, Dhaka.

20. “Value of Information in Exploration of Gas Blocks in Bangladesh”. Portfolio, August, 1999.

21. “How Corruption Affects Returns from Investment in a Country: An Explanation Based on Modern Capital Market Theory”. Portfolio: Magazine of CSE, October 1998.

22. Barriers to free trade in S. Asia: Removal of poverty within a nation and reduction of cultural conflicts between nations are needed first, before regional blocs like Safta can be thought of: The financial Express October 9, 1998.

23. “The Financial Crisis in ASEAN: A Symptom of Bad Economics and Management” Portfolio: Magazine of CSE, September 1998.

24. A study of the stock markets of Bangladesh (December 1997, Unpublished).

25. Budget 1997-98 crisis of Revenues: The Financial Express July 4, 1997.

26. Human and Organisation Development: Key to South Asia’s Competitive Edge. A paper president in the AMDISA colloquium at Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi, Pakistan (April 21-24, 1997).

27. A study on NGO –Business Partnership in Bangladesh. Sponsored by the PRIP Trust & PoWBLF February 1997.

28. Market management of small firms development in Bangladesh: The case of KBASAL. Innovation in Management. Edited by Dharni P Sinha. AMDISA 1996, Hyderabed, India.

29. JSAC & its consequences JAB, Institute of Business Administration (IBA) (Vol.21 No. 1 & 2. 1995) Canada.

30. Public & Private Sector Cooperation for expansion of Small and Medium Enterprises in Bangladesh. Journal of Business Administration, IBA (Vol. No. 3, 1994).

31. An evaluation of the Enterprises Development Policy in Bangladesh and rationale for increasing institutional Support for Entrepreneurship and Small business development, Journal of a Business Administration, IBA (Vol. 18, No. 1 & 2, 1992).

32. “New Industry Credit & Growth of Entrepreneurship in Bangladesh”. The Bangladesh Observer, October 5, 1992. 33. Foreign Investment in Bangladesh- Still a Mirage, The Daily Star, February 1, 1992.

Academic Awards, Fellowships and Research Grants :

Government Scholarship based on HSC & B.Com results of Rajshahi University

Training :

Asia Foundation Award for Special training on National Income Accounting at US department of Commerce, Washington D.C.

Membership :

President-Rotary Club of Greater Dhaka 2013-2014 Member ICMAB Council Dhaka 1994-2000 Vice-Chairman, Board of Governor, Northern International Medical College Hospital Senior Vice-Chairman-Northern University Bangladesh Trust

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