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Northern University Bangladesh

Mr. A.k. Zunayet Ahammed

Designation : Assistant Professor & Head
Department : English Language & Literature
Publications :
Research Articles:
i. Ahammed, A.K. Zunayet. “Women in Al Mahmud’s Poetry”. Northern University Studies In English.1. 2( 2012): 29-37. 
ii. Ahammed, A.K. Zunayet. “Jibanananda  Das: A Poet of Alienation and Loneliness”. BANGLAVISION 6.1(2011): 87-96.
iii. Ahammed, A.K. Zunayet. William Blake’s “London” : A Bleak Picture of Late 18th Century London. IOSR 21. 3(2016): 38-42.
iv. Ahammed, A.K. Zunayet. Marlowe’s “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love” and Nazrul’s “My Love”(Mor priya hobe esho rani): A Comparative Study of Romantic Love. IOSR 21. 5(2016) :7-11.  
v. Ahammed, A.K. Zunayet. Joyce’s “Araby”: From Innocence to Experience. EAJ 5.1(2017): 19-28.  
vi. Ahammed, A.K. Zunayet. Joyce’s “Araby”: Love and Disillusionment. International Journal of Applied Linguistics and English Literature (IJALEL) 4. 9(2016):85-90.
Vii. Ahammed, A.K. Zunayet. A Shattering Epiphany in James Joyce’s “Araby”. Advances in Language and Literary Studies (ALLS) 8.5(2017):140-43. 
Research articles (in the process of publication): 
i. The Religious Imagery in Shamsur Rahman’s Poetry
ii. The Psychological Conflict in Robert Frost’s “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” 
Books(in Bangla): 
i. Ahammed, Zunayet. Achena Swapnoloke ( In an Undiscovered Dreamland) Dhaka: Desh Publications, 2015
ii. Achinpur (Into an Unknown World)
Books(in English):
i. Above the Clouds
Other Publications
i. Ahammed, Zunayet. “Anno Bhaser kabita ( Translation from English into Bangla)”. The Bhorer Kagoj. 3 January 2014.  www.
ii. Ahammed, Zunayet(tran).“FOREST’S MYSTERY”. Bangla Literature.2.(2012): 55.
iii. If I don’t compose any verse (Unpublished)    
iv. Ahammed, Zunayet(tran.). “Agoman”.Shopnachaya.(2015):100.
v. Ahammed, Zunayet(tran.). “Bidai ”.Shopnachaya.(2015):100. 
Articles in the Newspapers:
i. Where are those men gone?
English Poems:
i. Childhood Memories (Published in Literaryyard, August 23, 2015)
ii. Not to Dream (Published in Literaryyard, September 2, 2015) 
iii. For “Fame or nameless grave” (Published in Literaryyard, September 19, 2015)  
iv. Thank You for your Love (Published in Literaryyard, October 2, 2015) 
v. Superwoman(Published in Literaryyard, October 17, 2015)
vi. I Pray for You (Published in Literaryyard, November 1, 2015)
vii. Only I Fail to Teach You (Published in Literaryyard, November 18, 2015) 
viii. Nobody Answers Us(Published in Literaryyard, November 18, 2015 )•
ix. A Bird of Nothingness(Published in Literaryyard, January 7, 2016) 
x. Beauty (Published in Literaryyard, January 7, 2016)              
xi. Love (Published in Literaryyard, March 13, 2016)  
xii. Happiness (Published in Literaryyard, March 13, 2016)
xiii. Death(Published in Literaryyard,  May 23, 2016) 
xiv. I Let My Dreams Fly in the Sky(Published in Literaryyard, May 23, 2016)
xv. My First and Last Love (Published in The Daily Sun)
xvi. The Gorilla Lady( Published in The Daily Sun) 
xvii. Collecting Pebbles (Published in Literaryyard, February 13, 2017)
xviii. As Your Loved One (Published in Literaryyard, February 13, 2017)
xix. Love After Love (Published in Literaryyard, Jun2, 2017)         
xx. Mind (Published in Literaryyard, July12, 2017)
xxi. Past Memories (Published in Literaryyard, July12, 2017) 
xxii. We Should Surrender to His Will (Published in Literaryyard, September 4, 2017)
xxiii. Sadness(Published in Literaryyard, December 12, 2017)
xxiv. My First and Last Love (Published in Literaryyard, January 20, 2018)  
Short Stories (in English):
i. The Lady I Visualized
Short Stories (in Bangla):
i. Bodher Urmimala
ii. Sejuti

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