Northern University Bangladesh being revealed as “First Digital University”

To ensure the provision of the most modern education, there can be no doubt that digital universities can play a vital role. As part of this trend, Northern University Bangladesh (NUB) has recently revealed itself as the “First Digital University” with much fanfare.

Prof. Abdul Manna, Chairman, University Grants Commission (UGC), was present as the Chief Guest at the inauguration ceremony.

In his speech, Prof. Manna said that the UGC is always playing an active role to ensure that the universities continue to provide high quality education and in this regard, the digitalization of NUB is worthy of praise.

Dr. Mashiur Rahman, Chief Adviser to the Hon’ble Prime Minister on Economic Affairs, was also present as the Chief Guest during the closing session and seminar, while Prof. Dr. M. Kaikobad, an Espert Computer Scientist, Mr. Mustafa Jabbar, an expert in Computers and Dr. Abu Yousuf Md. Abdullah, Chairman, Northern University Bangladesh Trust, were also present as Special Guests.

In his speech, Dr. Mashiur Rahman said that this step taken by NUB in order to face the challenge of of the 21st Century to establish a technologically advanced and highly educated nation will never be forgotten.

In his speech, Dr. Abdullah stated that in the era of globalization, the digitalization of education is a demand for the time and to continue with this trend, NUB hopes for the cooperation of the Government of Bangladesh and all concerned at different levels of society.

The programme was chaired by Prof. Dr. AWM Abdul Haque, Acting Vice Chancellor, NUB.

Also present at the seminar were Dr. Anwarul Karim, Pro VC, NUB, Mr. Anwar Hussain, Treasurer, NUB, Lt. Col. (Retd.)  Aqtedar Ahmed Siddiqui, Registrar In Charge, Deans of the various programmes, heads of the various departments, Teachers and  Officials  and students.

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