Bringing the most splendid opportunity for the students of Bangladesh

Bringing the most splendid opportunity for the students of Bangladesh, the World Marketing Summit 2022 is finally set to commence! Providing tickets to attend the World Marketing Summit 2022 to 20 lakh Bangladeshi University Students, this event is sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

This monumental initiative was taken by Kotler Impact Inc. Canada in association with Northern University Bangladesh, in a press conference held by NUB to discuss the upcoming events to be sponsored by Kotler Impact Inc. Canada.
In this Press conference, The Chief Marketing Officer of Kotler Impact Inc. Canada, Dr. Fahim Raza Kibria, and the Chairperson of Northern University Bangladesh (NUB) Professor Dr. Abu Yousuf Md. Abdullah announced the upcoming activities of the Electronic World Marketing Summit (eWMS) 2022-31, a decade-long scheme to educate 1 billion youths worldwide.
In accordance with this Northern University Bangladesh along with Kotler Impact Inc. will publish the Essentials of Modern Marketing Textbook and establish Kotler business school. Also, Northern Education Group will receive 2 million tickets for the 3rd Electronic World Marketing Summit (eWMS) 2022 worth $200 million to distribute to young students in Bangladesh.


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