NUB a gateway to int'l standard higher education in Bangladesh

The demand for higher education in Bangladesh is increasing gradually in parallel with the rapid growth of population. For meeting the enormous demand, a number of public and private universities have been established in different parts of the country over the years. At present there are 37 public and 95 private universities in Bangladesh. Northern University Bangladesh (NUB) was set up with the slogan 'Knowledge for Innovation and Change' and included the latest courses in its academic discipline with an intention to accomplish the global challenges considering the national and international issues. Since the emergence of private universities, the University Grants Commission (UGC), the statutory apex body in the field of higher education in Bangladesh, has been regulating the private university education in order to keep the sector on the right track. Certainly, this sort of parental activity from the government side plays a very vital role in flourishing efficient higher education in Bangladesh. However, on the one hand many aged private universities find it difficult to cope with the stresses and strains, on the other hand number of newly established private universities are moving forward with their academic excellence which cannot be perceived in all cases without paying a visit to them. It appears that private university education is a little bit expensive but the graduates find it all right as they can enter the job market at least 2-3 years prior to the public ones. Programs offered by NUB Northern University Bangladesh (NUB) offers 17 programs under 10 departments of 5 faculties. The University acts under a team work among the students, teachers and administrative stuff in order to maintain the international standard. NUB students take part in many co-curricular activities i.e. seminar, career counseling workshop, symposium, IT fair, study tour, Mathematics Olympiad, International Henry Dunant Moot Court Competition, software development competition, inter-university football and cricket tournaments in parallel with their curriculum. In an interview, Professor Dr. Abu Yousuf Mohammad Abdullah, the honorable chairman of NUB Trust, said, "I do believe that we will not be able to become a developed and self-sufficient nation without an educated and skilled manpower. We have been using our best endeavours for generating an intellectual and capable manpower that will lead our country towards glory and prosperity leaving away all sorts of short comings .In order to bring about a revolution in the higher education sector of Bangladesh, we have taken the challenge of creating a well-educated and trained manpower." He further added, "We are spending about 60% of our total expenditure for supplying modern educational equipment while the public universities spend about 75% of their total expenses only on administrative activities. We have sufficient spacious and air conditioned classrooms provided with the latest multimedia. Besides, we have got fast internet browsing labs, large online libraries and well-equipped modern laboratories for several departments. We have made research works compulsory for our teachers and encourage them in going abroad for attaining higher studies. In addition, since we have succeeded in having a number of scholarly teachers, the number of enrolled students has reached 22,000 (up to the Summer 2015 semester) within a few years." He said, "Every semester we remit tuition fee for 10 pc poor and meritorious students instead of remitting it for 5 pc students as per the UGC's decision. According to the last fiscal year's statement, we have spent about 6 crore for providing the deserving students with scholarships although we charge less tuition fee than many other private universities. In fact, we have designed the tuition fee in such a way that the middle and lower middle class can easily afford it." Teaching at NUB Without witnessing it is really difficult to believe the degree of success attained by a university within the duration of 12 years. It has become possible due to the earnest endevours of the managing authority, teachers and staff of the institution. A number of meritorious teachers graduated from different famous universities like BUET, DU and renowned foreign universities have been appointed here. Moreover, many experienced professors, retired from these universities, have also been appointed as full-time teachers in different departments of NUB. There has been a very harmonious relationship between the students and teachers. A student can never think of adopting unfair means in the examinations as they are strictly prohibited from the very beginning of the University. In connection with this, a father of a student named Tamim of the Department of Law said, 'I decided to enroll my son at NUB on the very day when I heard that the students of NUB were not allowed to adopt unfair means in examinations. At present my son is a student of 9thsemester and I am pleased with his exam results.' The libraries and computer labs of NUB are very rich. The libraries are equipped with an excellent collection of reference and text books and there are sufficient computers provided with internet facilities in the computer labs. A student can use the libraries and computer labs even on holidays. At the present time, the most important thing is to be accomplished by a student is a high level of competence in English. Accordingly, each student of every department of NUB is given special care so that s/he can have a good command of English. The Department of Law of NUB is one of the best Law departments among all the public and private universities. Statistics says NUB has been at the top of the list in the Bar Council Examination for the last six years. The Moot court Team of NUB has so far become champion (competing with all the private and public universities including the University of Dhaka) for three times in the 'International Henry Dunant Moot Court Competition'. Furthermore, every year a number of LLB graduates become Assistant Judges after passing the Bangladesh Judicial Service Examination. At present 313 full-time and adjunct faculties and 350 administrative staff are working at NUB and they are always concerned with sorting out the problems faced by the students. NUB Permanent Campus: An eye-catching permanent campus of NUB was built at the heart of the Dhaka city Ashkona Dakkhin Khan (closed to airport). Academic activities have already been started from last year.


Ref: TheNewsToday

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