"Think Clean, Save the Saint Martin" -An Initiative Worth Appreciating!

A gathering of students under the oversight of five instructors visited Saint Martin’s Island from 20-22 March 2022. The trip was organized by the 'Computer Club' of Northern University Bangladesh (NUB). Nonetheless, this time the point of the review visit was very unique as those understudies framed a human chain there while fighting the continuous contamination on the island and led a tidiness to get there too. Enlivened by the motto "Think Clean, Save Saint Martin", they started the campaign by collecting plastic bottles, polythene, etc., and set the junk in the bins. Such a mission drew broad appreciation from the vacationers.
This campaign got more momentum with the demonstration of a robot named “Trash Collecting Bot”. This robot was built by one of the students of Northern University Bangladesh. This trash-collecting robot can distinguish garbage through scanning with the help of its own mounted camera. Then it moves to the garbage which it has identified as rubbish. Subsequently, it can gather the rubbish by moving its arm and placing the garbage into the trash. This bot can be the torchbearer for a cleaner island if recognition from the concerned authority can be pulled on.
We are fortunate enough that we have St. Martin Island which allows us to enjoy the scenic beauty of the sea. We must not contaminate the environment of this beautiful Island by being careless by tossing plastics, polythenes, etc. randomly here and there while visiting St. Martin Island. We must conserve the environment for our future generations.


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