Northern University Bangladesh Celebrates International Mother Language Day

21st February 2024 - Dhaka, Bangladesh 

International Mother Language Day was celebrated with great vigor on the grounds of Northern University Bangladesh's permanent campus. The ceremony was notable for having Vice Chancellor PROF. DR. ANWAR HOSSAIN and the heads of all departments in play touched on an important note about respecting linguistic diversity and practicing the purest form of the language.   

In a passionate speech, PROF. DR. ANWAR HOSSAIN emphasized the need of mastering and using the correct Bangla language. He emphasized to the audience the importance of language in maintaining national identity and culture, and he urged them to value and develop their mother tongue.   

One of the most prestigious aspects of the occasion was honoring students who demonstrated exceptional talent in the Essay Writing Competition. Before the celebration, students from across the departments took part in a competition where they demonstrated their linguistic skills and intellectual prowess. The worthy awardees received awards from the honorable Vice Chancellor PROF. DR. ANWAR HOSSAIN, who praised their commitment to highlighting the depth of the Bangla language and literature.   

The celebration, especially in light of the historic Language Movement of 1952, provided a moving reminder of the sacrifices made to protect linguistic freedom. Northern University Bangladesh demonstrated its dedication to supporting linguistic variety and raising awareness of the critical role that mother tongues play in forming collective identities through colorful celebrations and academic pursuits.


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