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Northern University Bangladesh

Call for Papers

We welcome paper submission for the upcoming issue of NUB Journal of Applied Sciences. This is a publication of Faculty of Sciences and Engineering consisting departments of Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Textile Engineering and Master of Public Health. This journal aims to publish papers based on original, empirical and innovative research works in different areas of applied sciences. It is devoted to development and dissemination of knowledge in these fields for the benefit of academicians as well as practicing scientists, computer experts and engineers.

Major Topics:

 Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics, Analog and Digital Electronics, VLSI, ULSI, Nano Electronics, Digital Signal Processing, Microwave Engineering, Microprocessor, Communication Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Computer Networking, Control Systems Engineering, Semiconductor and Optical Devices,  Computer Architecture, Textile Engineering, Textile Fabrication, Public Health Sciences, Public Health Engineering.

Submission Guideline:

1.     Each paper should consist of a maximum of 6000 words and a short abstract of 150 words. A manuscript should have an abstract, an introduction, main body of the text with necessary subsections and headings, results, conclusions and references.

2.     The title of the paper should be typed using 24 –pt. bold Helvetica font in title case format.  Names and affiliations of the author should be typed after the title of the paper using 11–pt. Helvetica font. The names should not contain any title or designation.

3.     In the page set up, the left margin should be 2 cm, the right margin should be 2.5 cm, gutter should be 0.5 cm the top and bottom margin should be 2.2 cm, spacing between the two columns should be 0.5 cm. Equal column width must be used.

4.     The manuscript should be typed for A4 size, using single spaced, 9.5-pt. font throughout (except the abstract) using Palatino Linoty font and the double column format throughout the paper with the margin as mentioned in item 3. The manuscript must be typed using MS Word (other formats not acceptable). The file must be submitted in a CD. At least one high quality hard copy of the manuscript, preferably laser printed (on one side of the paper) should be submitted.

5.     Abstract should be typed using bold faced single spaced, 8-pt. Helvetica font throughout the first column of the two column format as mentioned in item 4 above. The word ‘Abstract’ should be typed using size 8, bold and italic font.

6.     Index/Keywords should be typed using Helvetica font size 8. The word ‘Index/Keywords’ should be typed using size 8, bold and italic Helvetica font. 

7.     Complete mailing address indicating designation, e-mail, telephone of the author(s) should appear at the lower left of the first page in the first column. These should be typed using 8-pt. Palatino Italic font.

8.     The section and subsection headings should be typed using bold 11.5 Helvetica font.

9.     The figures along with the figure captions and figure numbers should be fitted in position in double column camera-ready format. Page numbers must be provided at the right bottom corner.

10.  Tables and figures should be numbered consecutively and must contain informative captions. Figure numbers should be written as Fig. 1, Fig. 2 etc.

11.  Figures, graphs and photographs will be printed in black and white. As a result manuscripts should contain these items in black and white. Figures should be produced in thick lines and good contrast.

12.  References should be typed in following style using 8 pt. Palatino Linotype font:

         [1]  H.L. Stein, “Random patterns,” in Computers and you, J. S. Brake, Ed. New York: Wiley, 1994, pp. 55-70. 

         [2]  T. Kaiser, “When will smart antenna be ready for the market?” IEEE Signal Processing Mag., vol. 22, pp. 87-92, Mar, 2005.

 [3]  World Health Organization, “Global Health Observatory Data Repository,” 2015. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 08-Nov-2015].

        For more detail please see ‘ieee citation reference manual’ downloadable from ref.pdf

13.  Submissions of MS Word file of the manuscript along with a cover letter must be made as attachment files with e-mails.

14.  Authors are required to send declaration of originality and copy right transfer form which will be sent after the acceptance of the manuscript.

Papers should be sent to:

The Editor

NUB Journal of Applied Sciences (NJAS)
Faculty of Sciences and Engineering
House 13, Road 17, Banani, Dhaka-1213, Bangladesh.



E- mail:


Important Dates:

Submission deadline:                                                        April 30, 2016
First round review results (author notification):              May 30, 2016
Submission deadline for revisions:                                June 10, 2016
Second round review results (author notification):      June 30, 2016
Final manuscripts due for accepted papers:                July 30, 2016

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