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Faculty : Faculty of Science & Engineering
Department : Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering
Program : Computer Science & Engineering
Duration : 4 Years (12 Semesters)
Total Credit : 152
cademic System : Open Credit Hour System
Course Outline : Download


Computer Science is a very exciting & dynamic field that has provided tremendous opportunities in the recent times & promises a future where technology expands through all areas of our lives, both at home and at work. Our program is fairly conventional, offering a solid foundation in both theoretical and practical fields which leads the students to become familiar with the state of the arts technologies and paves the way to go for either higher education or to build career in software and IT enabled firms. Additionally, our faculty has a variety of research interests and offer classes related to their research as well as motivate undergraduate students to become excel in the field of research of their own interests.


The Department of Computer Science & Engineering offers a 4-year bachelor degree on 'Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Engineering'. To become a graduate in this field, one has to complete 152 credit hours of courses.
The program is designed to satisfy the growing demand for computer professionals throughout the country. It gives students the opportunity to obtain broad-based knowledge and expertise of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Information Technology and also a freedom to tailor the program according to the student's individual needs. Moreover, there are sufficient number of Physics, Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and other basic Science, Commerce and Arts courses in this course curriculum which enables a CSE graduate of this department to revolve around different branches of knowledge.

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