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Faculty : Faculty of Humanities & Social Science
Department : Governance and Public Policy
Program Master in Public Policy & Management
Duration : 1 Year (3 Semesters) course + Internship
Total Credit : 39
Academic System : Open Credit Hour System
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Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves.
  Ronald Reagan,, Former President of United States of America.


There is no universally accepted definition of Governance when used in political literature. We owe the concept to Plato who was the first to use the Greek word kubernáo, meaning to steer a ship, metaphorically, in the context of steering Men. Over the years, the word has been used generically and the concept has evolved to encompass relationships between stakeholders in a variety of set ups. In the present highly dynamic environment, politically, socially, economically, and culturally, the term means different things in different contexts and the use of an adjective with the word governance has become almost mandatory for it to make any sense at all. MA in Governance Studies is not only designed for working adults with a specialized skills set in a particular field but who want a broader perspective of government on order to position them for leadership in politics and administration. In class, students are asked to contribute to lively discussions, build analytical skills, and learn strategies for engaging in original research. While our courses are designed around the latest scholarly and scientific knowledge, its true focus is to provide students with the practical skills necessary for solving governmental, political, and policymaking problems of today.

The Department of Governance and Public Policy offers a 1-year postgraduate degree on Master in Governance Studies (MGS). To become a graduate in this field one has to complete 39 credits.
Earlier than these programs NUB started its Diploma in Public Policy & Management program in collaboration with Bangladesh Civil Service Administration Academy, Shahbagh, Dhaka. This is an important milestone of NUB’s academic innovativeness and its response to the demands of the society and economy. Through this program NUB has gained valuable experience in administering educational programs in Public Policy & Management. Five batches of graduates of mid-level government officers have already completed their Masters course in Public Policy & Management. It is an excellent example of public private partnership. There are 18 participants in the 1st batch, 17 participants in the 2nd batch, 18 participants in the 3rd batch,15 participants in the 4th batch and 15 participants in the 5th batch who have completed their Master in Public Policy & Management. Apart from these there are around 20 students who completed their Master in Public Policy & Management but they are not government officers like the previous ones. The Department has also organized a number of seminars and workshops on Governance and Public Policy in collaboration with BCS Academy.

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